The purchase of a new construction project in Spain has many advantages:

  • There is no negative history, which unfortunately occurs regularly with existing real estate in Spain and which can cost you a lot of money.
  • From 2014, construction in Spain will be carried out according to European building regulations. With everything built before this date, there is often a lot of uncertainty about the soundness of the construction and the use of insulation.
  • New construction uses the latest techniques and the most recent materials with all the associated advantages.
  • You can choose the finish and materials yourself so that the property fully reflects your personal taste. Depending on how far the project has progressed, of course. (Apartment)
  • With an individual villa you choose the style and finish.
  • Important advantage in new construction is the WARRANTY. There are three warranty periods for new construction:
    • A warranty period applies for defective workmanship and (installation of) new equipment. This term is 1 year from delivery or 6 months after purchase.
    • In addition, there is a warranty period of 3 years for defects that negatively affect the quality of the home. Consider, for example, problems with the drain in the bathroom.
    • Finally, there is the ten-year liability guarantee that relates to defects that affect the stability of the home. The property developer is in principle obliged to take out a ten-year liability insurance policy.

The REAL ESTATE AGENT is your perfect new construction EXPERT. Ask him for advice and let him guide you through the entire process.